Pokud Vám došla energie, motivace nebo potřebujete ulevit od života, jste na správném místě.

About me:

Hello, dear future customer, how do you feel today?

My name is Carolina and I can provide you through your life story which is just too much for you. You do not have any idea how to behave, react or if is it okey to feel how you feel right now. Or? What you want is just share, be accepted and be heard.

My service is about to calm you. By hands, by words. Give you your own space, where you can feel fully accepted and perceived.

How do I do that?

I have two options. It is up to you, which one is more comfortable for you. I recommend the first one. It is guarantee of fully relieving of your mind and body. I need to write that is really important to ask your self a question: „Do I like touch of strange person or do I need at least one or two session to get to know my therapist?“

Option one – costs 1400,- per 1,5 hour.

ption two costs – 800,- per 1 hour.

ption three cost – 2300,- per 2 hours.

  • First option is combination of my healing touch and using classic (therapeutic) dialogue.Diagnostic part when I am touching your body through clothes is some how the „bridge“. Helps to calm your body, mind and release your inner pain or thoughts out. Thanks to Bioenergy I believe to connection between emotions, energy and physical body. These parts of us are cooperate. If some of these does not work, some physical pain will show up.
  • Second option is only therapeutic dialogue. You talk, I am listening and giving you another view of your situation which you struggle for. Of course I have some special therapeutic methods and skills which I hide in my sleeve:-).
  • Third option is my most favourite. I will take you for walk in to the woods. It is probably most relieving and calming option you can choose. Why? Because while you walking, you move you hands, your lymfa is working well and you can easier walk through your situation. The forest has calming and healing influence. You can read the book ŠINRIN-JOKU. There is a lot of information about how the forest is affects your body, mind and soul through the soil, air, sounds and collors.

Join me online, if I am too far away.

If you feel sad, need to share your life story. If you have some inner or outside struggling.

I am looking forward our first meeting.

You can sand me an e-mail: or phone me: +420 725 854 851.